real estate trends

Many people perceive the real estate industry to be stagnant and non-changing. However, this is completely far from the truth as the industry is as dynamic as several other mainstream industries, including fashion, technology, and automobile. 

Just like the way it is with other mainstream industries, trends keep on changing in the real estate domain. The past five years have seen a dramatic and significant call to shift in the way home buyers perceive and approach their living spaces. 

If you are planning to buy flats in Kolkata, it’s not just important to know the hotspots of the city but also have a good idea about what’s new in the real estate domain. Here are several modern real estate trends that are here to stay:

Prioritizing more liveable apartments

Homebuyers, especially working professionals, want their apartments to be more than just a home, they want their apartment to be a place where they can unwind and destress after work hours. Our homes are an extension of us, therefore it’s important to make them as liveable as possible.

Liveable apartments that include plenty of features that promote lifestyle convenience have now come on the radar of senior citizen home buyers as well. Fortunately, there are a handful of real estate builders in Kolkata, including Vinayak Properties, that focus on making real estate apartments more liveable than ever before by including modern convenience amenities. 

Outdoor amenities are in high demand

Nature and the outdoors collectively heal us in ways that are unfathomable. More people have come into this realization and have outgrown the need to be bound by concrete jungles in the pursuit of maintaining a modern uber-chic lifestyle. As such, the demand for outdoor amenities has grown to a significant extent over the years.

Homebuyers who are planning to buy flats in Kolkata now prioritize different types of outdoor amenities such as large-sized and open-spaced balconies, properly and professionally landscaped surroundings, close proximity to greenery, and lower levels of noise pollution. 

Integrated and network shared technologies on the rise

Internet of things technology has now become ubiquitous as there is no shortage of IoT devices in the tech market. Real estate builders in Kolkata and other top metropolitan cities in India have now gradually started integrating internet of things technologies in their real estate properties.

Taking this step works wonders in many ways, including integrating real estate infrastructure in a single network, making real estate properties safer, and bolstering predictive maintenance capabilities that are backed by data science systems. 

Pricing transparency to make the culture shift

One of the most important aspects of the real estate industry in India that needs significant improvements is pricing properties. Fortunately, the trend of pricing transparency is now on the rise. This essentially means that home buyers may not have to pay additional costs and hidden charges that come into the picture when real estate brokers are involved in the home buying processes.

Maintaining transparency in pricing also significantly benefits real estate builders as they can build themselves as more attractive prospects to home buyers. Maintaining pricing transparency also helps real estate builders add more credibility to their portfolios. It is important to buy a real estate property within your budget.

Increased demands for real estate properties in the suburbs

Prime locations of cities have had their fair share of real estate popularity, now it’s time for the suburbs to shine bright. A significant percentage of homebuyers in India now prioritize suburbs as there are many benefits, including affordable property prices, relaxation from the hustle and bustle of the main city areas, and enjoying the outdoors overall.