real estate story

The capital of West Bengal and the ‘City of Palaces’ – Kolkata, is one of the most economical Indian cities. But, the recent trends and big leaps are the complete opposite. Kolkata is up for an amazing attempt to match the trends of other metropolitans and giving a warm welcome to the real estate constructions. 

Kolkata’s real estate market is retrospecting and moving back to the old yet lively mode with a modern tinge. The real estate builders in Kolkata have a major role to play in this emerging trend as they try and strike a chord right. 

Real Estate Builders and Transformation 

One of the best things about the people of Kolkata is that they invest smartly and hence, prefer buying flats within a budget. Kolkata is home to builders that make sure to construct efficient buildings within limits. This emerges as an excellent opportunity for people to invest as per the budget and not compromise on the construction quality. 

The best builders in Kolkata suggest that the people of Kolkata have a thing for great locations and amenities. This is why the Kolkata apartments and buildings have a lesser price even though Kolkata is a metropolitan city. But, the customer has the choice of choosing between affordable properties and posh areas. The infrastructure and location vary. 

Real Estate Builders and Area Preference 

The affordable real estate builders in Kolkata help the customer get through properties in places like the following: 

  • Unitech
  • PS Group
  • The Diamond Group 
  • The DLF Group

The launch of residential projects in these areas is soaring high on demand. 

Kolkata’s leading real estate builders are ready to take the customers through the key residential areas. The leading builders deal in properties that belong to a higher price. The properties promise a vibrant interior decor style. These include: 

  • Park Street
  • Ballygunge
  • Lower Circular Road
  • Southern Avenue
  • Belvedere 

The best part about these properties is that they have a strong possibility of rent and promise a good resale value. So, with the help of the best estate builders in Kolkata, the customers have an option to convert their properties into great investments. 

Real Estate Builders and the rising demand

Also, Kolkata is witnessing a mushrooming growth of the software industry. The main regions are Salt Lake and Rajarhat. This is generating a major requirement for skilled manpower. People from all parts of India are flocking to this place. Housing is a basic facility, and hence, the builders in Kolkata are highly active. 

Interestingly, Kolkata is giving a warm welcome to a huge variety of MNCs. This is kicking in opportunities for the best builders in Kolkata, to take a step forwards in beginning with both type of properties like residential flats and bungalows, and commercial projects like offices, medical offices, retail departments, and warehousing units. 

This place renders its support to both domestic and international retail chains, the real estate builders have a lot to target upon. The builders and developers are showing a great willingness to invest in projects and townships. The aim is to provide home decor and infrastructure of the international standard. Global investment is definitely on the cards for Kolkata, with the real estate builders in Kolkata enjoying the credit. 


Choosing the best builders in Kolkata is a tricky yet fulfilling task. The popularity of real estate builders is a well-known fact these days. No matter, if you are looking for a builder to help you with a posh locality in Kolkata or wish to buy accommodations on a budget, they are here to help you out. Kolkata is on its way to setting new real estate standards and a tremendous rise awaits for the builders of Kolkata in the future.