The most important phase of your children’s life – CHILDHOOD! From being a baby to a teenager and then attaining adulthood, these are not mere stages of your child’s physical development. These are seasons when the utmost sensitivity about things and events happening around them inculcates.

While you are looking to find your dream house from a top real estate company in Kolkata, the necessity of having a playground should not go unnoticed! Playtime for your children is an absolute must-have. It essentially contributes to the fundamental part of their growing up.

How does providing a play area benefit the real estate companies in Kolkata?

Top real estate companies in Kolkata have started to implement this concept to drive their sales. While designing a new residential project, real estate company owners always focus on the following:

  • Attracts more clients to their residential projecsts
  • Increases the property value
  • Enhances the aesthetic quality of the overall project
  • Creates community comprehensive atmosphere

Benefits of having a play area –

Wondering why you should invest in a property with a play area? The answer is – “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!” 

 Gone are the days when we as kids used to move freely and play in our backyards or garden areas. In today’s concrete jungle there is hardly any open space left for children to run around and play with their buddies. Also, owing to the current inflation rate in the real estate market, it is next to impossible to build your own home.

Hence, this socio-economic scenario around us has led people to shift their choice from houses to apartments. And this is where the top real estate company Kolkata plays its role. 

Read on to know how having a play area can benefit your children:

Enriches mental and physical growth 

To trigger zeal & enthusiasm in your kids, it is crucial to let them out of the confinement of four walls. Outdoor activities enhance their fitness level, making them strong. 

While playing outdoor games, their imagination also widens. Their cognitive capabilities are often stimulated by the people and events around them. The freedom of having playtime encourages kids to be energized for a long period of time.

Enhancement of Social Skill 

While playing outdoors, a child needs to interact with the outside world. This inherently imbibes in him a sense of association and develops their communication ability. They start learning how to talk with their friends and elders, and how to survive in difficult situations. This eventually leads to being self-dependent and self-reliant as well.

Reduces Dependency on Electronic Gadgets

Today’s kids drooling over the modern electronic media or gadgets is nothing new. Most of the real estate companies in Kolkata facilitate a play area on this humanitarian ground. The owners of real estate companies are humans too, and hence understand the need of kids to reduce their screen time and indulge in the physical activities outside. 

The play area in your apartment complex enables your kids to achieve hand-eye coordination, connect with people, and inculcate social gestures.

Not just for kids, the benefit of a well-equipped play area is also accessed by families. This play area facilitates the get-together of the community, which leads to a greater bonding among neighbours. It is a place where people gather around for socializing, fitness, and recreation.

In fact, it has been observed that those who reside close to parks or play areas are inclined to have more social activities than those who do not.

The efforts we put in today direct the future of our kids. Let’s be liberal enough to provide them with their much-needed golden childhood.