When it comes to adding more function to the bathroom, it often goes unnoticed. But with the present day modern ideas, you can add several utilitarian items of your choice to your bathroom space. So, listed below are the ideas on how you can make your bathroom space more functional.

Lightwood shelves 

When it comes to adding more space in your bathroom, an under sink cabinet is the right choice for you. It also plays an important role in giving your bathroom a contemporary look while adding more space. This Indian bathroom design works great with neutral colours.

Table with under shelves

Plain wooden tables never fail to impress, when it comes to adding more storage space for your bathroom. And, with the right choice of lighting units and ceramic tiles, this Indian design bathroom for home helps define your bathroom space and offers an elegant look.

Narrow wooden shelves

If you are thinking of opening up more storage space in your bathroom and making it more functional, you can always choose narrow wooden shelves. This Indian washroom design not only adds more storage function but also changes the overall look of your bathroom.
narrow-wooden-shelvesNarrow shelves for more space

Fixed shelves on the wall

Installing fixed shelves is another great idea to improve the storage space. This Indian bathroom design for home followed by contemporary decor adds more vibrancy to the bathroom space, making it more functional and good-looking.

Wall-mounted commode combined with washbasin

Wall-mounted ceramic commode not only defines your bathroom but also frees up the space to make it more functional by adding an extra storage space in your bathroom. This Indian bathroom design works well when combined with a wall-mounted washbasin.

Wooden ladder for more storage space

The idea of using a wooden ladder not only helps change the overall look of your bathroom but also works wonders in making it unique. This simple yet modern Indian style bathroom design helps you steer clear of conventional designs in your bathroom.

Wall rail combined with the wall

A great idea for you to save space in your bathroom is to install a wall rail unit. This bathroom design for home also serves a utilitarian purpose for hanging towels and essential clothing items.

Indian bathroom design with enclosed cabinet unit combined with the wall

To save more space in your bathroom, an enclosed storage unit installed in the wall offers a much-needed sophistication to your bathroom. This Indian bathroom designs for home works well with the addition of a lighting unit.

Floating shelves under the sink with neutral colour schemes

If you are thinking of adding more aesthetic appeal to your bathroom, the idea of installing floating shelves under the sink helps improve the interior look of your bathroom. This modern  Indian washroom design works well when combined with neutral colour schemes. 

Ceramic tiles separator combined with large wooden cabinets

Thinking of giving your bathroom space a posh look? Combining a ceramic tiles separator with a large wooden cabinet will make your bathroom space more functional. This idea also helps you add a timeless look to your bathroom space. This Indian bathroom design for home is especially suitable for spacious residential apartments.

Adding decor of wooden elements

To define the functionality of your bathroom space, adding decor of wooden elements helps elevate the overall decor of your bathroom. This vastu-inspired Indian bathroom design for home works great with mini shelving units in bringing out a Mediterranean vibe in your bathroom.

Play with the accent colours

The combination of accent and neutral colours accentuates the look in your bathroom. This Indian bathroom design makes your bathroom visually appealing. Also, combining hanging lights with this decor idea improves the lighting functionality of the bathroom space.

Bathroom with large window frames

Installing a large window frame in your bathroom space allows the natural light to enter your bathroom, thus adding airy vibe and vibrancy to the space. This Indian style bathroom design also works well with wooden decor elements.

Abstract pattern tiles with a round mirror

When it comes to improving the form and function of your bathroom space, installing abstract pattern tiles with a round mirror is a creative approach to take. With the addition of floating shelves, this Indian bathroom design helps define your bathroom space in a sophisticated way.

Hanging lamp units combined with wooden shelves

Adding hanging lamp units to your bathroom gives an inviting look to the space. This Indian bathroom design for home, when combined with wooden shelves, adds more functionality to bathroom space.

Wooden sink combined with concrete wall

It is not always necessary for you to go with ceramic sinks. The wooden sink never fails in giving an additional charm to your bathroom and it comes in different varieties. This Indian washroom design helps in adding functionality to your bathroom space, especially when combined with concrete walls.

Glass separator for shower

Adding a glass separator for shower drives more attention to your bathroom space. When combined with wood, this Indian washroom design for your bathroom draws attention to more unnoticed details to your bathroom space. Installing seating furniture helps add functionality to your bathroom.

Architecturally-inspired look

Thinking of bold but architecturally-inspired designs for your bathroom?  The Indian style bathroom design of combining wall mounted commode with beige wall and wooden sink table is worth giving a try.

Wooden pillar for intricate design

When it comes to adding elements of intricate design, installing a wooden pillar can give extra flamboyant appeal to your bathroom space. This modern Indian style bathroom design goes well with a spacious bathroom.

Shower stall on a shower space

In order to complement the shower space in your bathroom, you can add a shower stall. It helps define your shower space. This Indian bathroom design works wonders with large shower space and also adds functionality to your bathroom space.

Bathroom space plays a vital role in defining your house. With each passing year, new bathroom space design and decor trends come and go. So, the above-listed design ideas will help you make your bathroom space more functional and appealing.